Idem’s Game-Changing Features

February 10, 2020
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From the beginning of our development in 2017, we knew Idem would have a mobile focus.

After working in the manufacturing ecosystem for years, our product development team saw the gap on the factory floor: people needed a system that stays with them on the go, rather than locked into a fixed computer location or work station.

To start, let’s introduce the Idem Mobile application. The mobile application has several key features you could come to expect from a great mobile app, as well as a few very unique to the Idem system.

Check out this 1 minute video for an overview of the Idem mobile app.

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Idem is available on iOS and Android and works across smartphones, tablets and your computer.

Our three most game-changing features:

Multi-Vendor Compatibility Checks

Multi-vendor compatibility checks allow you and your teams to confirm tool compatibility between over 900,000 products from 36+ vendors (partial list below) within seconds.

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Save valuable time and streamline processes by eliminating the need to search manuals and online catalogues!

Watch this 1 minute video about compatibility.


Assemblies allows you to create and save your most popular tool assemblies. It comes in handy when you are working with multiple jobs that require the sale tools. Save your custom assemblies and share them with team members to save time on the shop floor. 

Cutting Assembly, 3 components, inserts and wrench.

You can create assemblies two ways:

1: With individual tags on each component, or

2: stored on a single tag. 

This allows you to choose the standard that best fits your needs.

See Assemblies in action here.

Team Collaboration

With so many tools on the floor, many that are irrelevant to certain teams, categorizing content based on who needs it and when is essential to maximizing team and group effectiveness. Idem’s group and collaboration features allow you to customize your tools, assemblies, documents and comments into groups based on jobs, shifts, or expertise! 

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Take a look at the map of one organization above. This team used Idem to grant access to the master user Dirk, the head production manager. He is connected to all the groups on the factory floor and has access to all product templates (product categories), users, and instances (individual tools). He uses Idem to oversee the tool library. Helga, on the other hand specializes in aluminum work.  Helga oversees all tools and jobs for this material, while other Idem users manage their own projects using customized Idem groups built for their teams.  

Explore team collaboration features, here.

Ready to get started with Idem? Contact our team to take your first step into digital tools.

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